CL1 - Heaving and pitching airfoil

Test case leader: 
Per-Olof Persson (University of California, Berkeley) and Chris Fidkowski (University of Michigan)
persson [at]
kfid [at]
how5 [at]

This problem is aimed at testing the accuracy and performance of high-order flow solvers for problems with deforming domains. A NACA 0012 airfoil is undergoing a smooth flapping-type motion, starting from rest at zero angle of attack and ending at a position one chord length higher. The metrics used to assess the accuracy of the solution are the total energy (i.e. integrated power) extracted from the flow during the motion and the vertical impulse imparted on the airfoil by the flow (integrated vertical force). The viscosity is constant and the Reynolds number with respect to the chord length is Re=1000. 

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Features and challenges: 
Curved geometry
Deforming mesh
Arbitrary frame of reference
Unsteady flow
Laminar flow
Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS)
Full test case description: