Verification Resources

Below is a list of verification quality solutions graciously proved by Prof. Chris Roy and Dr. William Oberkampf suitable for compressible flow solvers. In addition, Farshad Navah of McGill University has povided a set of manufactured solutions suitable for verification of the RANS SA turbulence model [Navah et al, 2017].

These are suggested verification test that participants can use to verify their solver implementations. These cases are NOT part of the workshop, but provided as a supplemental resource to participants.


Exact Solutions (no source terms, all are inviscid)


* Ringleb's flow [Satav et al., 2005]
* Supersonic vortex flow [Ollivier-Gooch et al., 2009]
* Oblique shock [Anderson, 1990]
* Expansion fan [Anderson, 1990]
* Shock with rapid Expansion fan [Doebling, 2016]

Exact Solutions (with source terms)

* Manufactured solutions [Roy et al, 2004] [Navah et al, 2017]
* Karman-Trefftz inviscid airfoil: requires source term for energy equation only [Tyson, 2015]
* Steady and unsteady inviscid vortex flow [Yan and Ollivier-Gooch, 2017]

Benchmark Numerical Solutions

* Inviscid NACA 0012 (M=0.5, 0.8 and AOA=0, 1.25 deg.) [Vassberg and Jameson, 2010]
* NACA 0012 airfoil w/ Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model [Langley turbmodels web site]
* JCEAP hypersonic laminar flow over blunted cone [Roy et al, 2003,]


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