CR1 - Common Research Model

Test case leader: 
Marshall Galbraith (MIT)
Joseph Derlaga (NASA Langeley)
galbramc [at]
how5 [at]

The common research model (CRM) was extensively studied with state-of-the-art CFD codes in the sixth drag prediction workshop (DPW-6). The objective of this test case is to obtain mesh-converged lift, drag and moment coefficient values on the CRM wing-body configuration at cruise conditions. This test case is primarily intended to assess hp-adaptation schemes, but fixed grid results are also welcome. A series of curved finite element methods are provided, and a large number of grids on the DPW-6 website available with various grid topologies. In addition, Steve Karman of Pointwise has provided a set of curved meshes here in CGNS and gmsh file formats. As the CGNS standard is vague on the reference coordinate location of face coordinates of quartic (P4) tetrahedral elements, the CGNS files provided by pointwise uses equidistributed nodes on the reference element.

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Features and challenges: 
Curved geometry
Mesh generation
Steady flow
Transonic flow
Turbulent flow
Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes (RANS)
Full test case description: