VI1 Vortex transport by uniform flow

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This problem is aimed at testing a high-order method’s capability to preserve vorticity in an unsteady inviscid flow. Accurate transport of vortexes at all speeds (including Mach << 1) is very important for Large-Eddy and Detached-Eddy simulations, possibly the workhorse of future industrial CFD simulations, as well as for aeronautics/rotorcraft applications. This verification case is particularly suitable for verifying temporal order of accuracy.

Features and challenges: 
Unsteady flow
Inviscid flow
Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS)
Full test case description: 
Results from previous editions: 
HiOCFD1(C1.6), HiOCFD2(C1.6), HiOCFD3(C1.4), HiOCFD4(BI1)
Meshes, geometry and data: