Some pdf and power point documents contain animations. The pdf embedded animations will often play with Adobe Reader, but the animations also provided as separate mp4 files. Some Power Point documents with animations have been converted to pdf. Those pdf documents will not contain animations.

Notes from Day 1: (pdf)

Workshop Welcome: Marshall Galbraith (pdf)


Farshad Navah, McGill University (pdf)

Mesh Generation

Steven Karman, Pointwise (pdf)

Peter Eiseman, GridPro (pptx, pdf)

CS1 - Inviscid Bow Shock 

Introduction and Summary: Soctt Murman, NASA Ames (pdf)

Ben Couchman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (pdf)

Jean-Marie Le Gouez, ONERA (pdf, abstract)

Andrew Corrigan, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory (pdf, pptx)

Matthew Zahr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (pdf, mp4)

CS2 - Inviscid Strong Vortex-Shock Wave Interaction

Introduction and Summary: Chongam Kim, Seoul National University (pptx, pdf)

Hojun You, Seoul National University (pptx, pdf)

Philip E. Johnson, University of Michigan (pdf)

Qilin Lu, University of Kansas (pptx, pdf)

CL1 - Heaving and Pitching Airfoil

Introduction and Summary: Per-Olof Persson, University of California Berkeley, (pdf, case1.mp4, cas2.mp4, cas3.mp4

Verification: Krzysztof J. Fidkowski, University of Michigan (pdf)

CR1- Common Research Model

Introduction and Summary: Marshall Galbraith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (pdf)

Marshall Galbraith, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (pdf)

Ryan Glasby, University of Tennessee (pdf)

Behzad Ahrabi, University of Wyoming (pdf)

Michael Brazell,  University of Wyoming (pdf)

CS1 - Tandem Spheres

Introduction: Ryan Glasby, University of Tennessee (pdf) (summary In progress) WS1 summary (pdf)

Ryan Glasby, University of Tennessee (pdf)

Yifei Xue, University of Kansas (pptx, pdf)

Johan Jansson, KTH (pdf, mp4, mp4, mp4, mp4)

Philip E. Johnson, University of Michigan (pptx, pdf)

Marian Zastawny, Siemens (http)

CS2 - T106 LPT Cascade

Introduction and Summary: Koen Hillewaert (pdf)

Pablo Fernandez, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (pdf)

MC1 - High-Lift Common Research Model

Introduction and Summary: Behzad Ahrabi, University of Wyoming (pptx, pdf)

Michael Brazell,  University of Wyoming (pdf)

Ryan Glasby, University of Tennessee (pdf)

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