Registration and Submission Deadline


I apologize for the late notice with this information.

We have added registration information to the website. Please note that the AIAA early bird registration deadline is Dec 18 2017. Both participants and attendees must register for the workshop through the regular SciTech registration website ( After logging in, you will have an option in the drop down list to register for workshops. Note that registering for the Future of CFD Workshop will also give you access to the High-Order Workshop, and vice versa (you do NOT need to register for both).

Participants have hopefully already contacted the appropriate test case leaders. The finalized data should be submitted by Dec 18 2017. Extensions to this deadline may be granted by test case leaders at their discretion on an individual basis.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions (how5atcenaero [dotcenaero] be).

Thank you,
Marshall Galbraith